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before the worst

Title: before the worst
Rating: PG
Pairing/Characters:  One-sided; Tony for Steve.
Word Count: 250
Summary: Tony reflects on life before Steve. When all he knew was that he was in love with someone long gone.
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction based on Marvel's comics and movies. I don't work for them, so no, this isn't making a profit.
A/N: Occasionally I fic on tumblr. Name taken from The Scripts song 'Before the Worst'. And oh look, it's in one of my crazy writing styles. Hoorah.

And as Tony watched he remembered falling in love with someone long dead; a hero on a film roll.

Out of all the people he could have fallen for (Pepper, Rhodey, Happy, a nameless, faceless women or man in his long line of self-indulgent and self-pity fucks); out of all the people he could pick from the entirety of the globe he fell in love with a ghost.

Poetic justice for the douchebag behind Stark Industries. (Poetic justice for the bastard who played so many hearts to breaking.)

And then he wasn’t a ghost and he wasn’t just a hero on an old film roll because (“I’ve dreamed about you since I was young” “You were a dead man walking through my head; a movie of our lives but you weren’t alive”), he was a hero in New York and Malibu and The World.

Steve Rodgers wasn’t just a figment of Tony’s drunken hallucinations anymore (he drank to stop them and to stop the pain of knowing he couldn’t have the one thing he wanted, but it all ended up worse than before and thank god I really needed to be more screwed up).

Steve was alive and breathing…

And most definitely not Tony’s.

(“Tony, I knew your father” “Mr. Stark, what’s this technology?” “Proof Tony Stark has a heart?”)

Steve wasn’t his dream Steve (wasn’t his), but for now it was better than a film reel, film roll, movie of a love never had but still lost.

For now.