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you are not a robot

Title: you are not a robot
Rating: PG
Pairing/Characters:  Tony/Steve.
Word Count: 244
Summary: Tony puts on the face of a robot; but Steve knows better. Breaks him open by degrees.
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction based on Marvel's comics and movies. I don't work for them, so no, this isn't making a profit.
A/N: Sometimes I write only dialogue and then extend it a little bit. If I'm not careful I'll start ficcing and never stop. Name taken from Marina and the Diamonds 'You are not a robot'. So inventive.

"Heartless and cold. Tony you think you can fool yourself into thinking this, but you're only these things because you make it so yourself- because you feel so sharply and because you need and want like any other person."

Steve is met with silence. Met with the echo of his own voice and Tony's wallowing.

He knows that he shouldn't try getting through to Tony in this state but he can't help but try.

"Tony, you aren't a machine. Tony, you're just like any of us here. You need us like we need you."

Deep breath, pour your heart out to the fool genius. Steve, he can't hear you.

"...And I hope you need me, just as much as I need you."

 He aches and after everything he's not sure this was the right thing to do after all.


It would be a pathetic whine to most people, truely Tony in a way that demands you stop putting him through such hardship
and fix it, but all Steve can hear is cracks and an opening he knows he can worm into and stitch up. Crooked, imperfect and human.

"Tony, I love you, please don't be this person. Don't be a robot."

Plead him like he pleads you.

And in the silence that follows Steve can feel the pressure peak and fall; feel Tony just break.

Relief as he takes Tony into his arms and into him.

It hurts, but they can heal together.