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Title: one more night
Rating: PG
Pairing/Characters:  Billy/Teddy.
Word Count: 217
Summary: Teddy is forever disappearing, and Billy can't handle it.
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction based on Marvel's comics and movies. I don't work for them, so no, this isn't making a profit.
A/N: Young Avengers is fantastic but also terribly angsty. Title from Stars' 'One more night'.


“I thought you were gone. I thought you were gone, Teddy.” Soft, gentle, the wrong side of broken. He really had. So many times Teddy had disappeared without any indication, so many times Billy had strived to keep hope alive for him. But this time…

Teddy, you can’t keep doing this.” The tears won’t stop and his hands shake as they grip Teddy’s forearms. His voice breaks, shivers on the precipice of a void he knows his mother fell off; heart-ache and power too much to ignore. “I couldn’t- Ted, I couldn’t take it if you…”

He breaks off, and revels in the warmth of Teddy as he sobs. He knows it’s okay now, but how many times is this going to happen to him? How many times is he going to turn his back and find Teddy isn’t there anymore? When is it going to become permenant? And how is he going to cope without his backbone close by?

Billy stops, shudders and falls against Teddy’s chest. It’s who Teddy is, he’s always known this, and he supposes he’s just going to have to continue to keep that hope in his chest alive.

And with Teddy’s arms wrapped securely around him, he can believe for a moment that keeping hope is going to be easy.