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I photograph what needs to be seen

Title: I photograph what needs to be seen

Rating: PG.

Pairing/Characters: Eugene Roe

Word Count: 376

Summary: Eugene Roe was given the chance to make a difference, even if he hadn’t realised at the time. Hipster!Verse.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction based on HBO’s Band of Brothers, and nothing but the words are mine. No money is being made off of these fabulous words, or else I’d be doing it full-time.

A/N: Alexa doesn’t have much of a headcanon for our darling Roe, so I went ahead and played around with him. In an entirely no sexual way, of course. Honest.

Eugene Roe had always had a fascination with people and photography.Collapse )

dear people,

my blog will be only HBO war-a-thon stuff (read: fic) from now until later
i don't post much anyway, so this is now a fic blog
to all my new friends on this site, don't look into my old entries- they are boring as fuck and lame as anything.

okay, that's it from me.


Writer's Block: Live action hero

Which is your favorite or least favorite comic book-turned-movie?

Favourite would be either Iron Man, X-Men or The Losers. I have a soft spot for charactedrs that feel real, and these guys do. Also, they're actually kind of close to the comic, plot wise and character wise as far as I'm concerned.

Least favourite? Green anything. Hornet was an action movie but not really all that appealing, snd Lantern hasn't been released yet but it doesn't look like it's gonna make me jump to see it again or anything and the CGI is obvious as fuck and that annoys me.

Been totally slack on here since school started, sorry about that.

Just been asked to write a Dean-companion to a WWII Dean/Cas fic of a friends. Hopefully it goes over smoothly.

Friend is getting everyone's AHBL3 tickets this week. Fucking psyched, oh god.

Valentine's tomorrow, and I don't even care.

Uh, potential boyfriend in the works. This should be interesting.

I'm about to have a shower and I really need to pee.

I am such an interesting person.

Totally just realised I end my journal's a different way every time I post.

I am such a nutter.


My Life: An Interesting Thing to Observe

Start year 12 on Tuesday. Actually quite excited to get back into it- I miss acting in drama class more than I'd realised. And I miss the people, of course.

I have to go to Uni in a bit to get my ID photo taken (which will take, like, 10 minutes depending on how many people are there), and then I just have to wait until Monday when I can apply for lecture and tute times.

Tomorrow I'm going to see Unstoppable with dearest Amy- CFine is worth spending money on even if it turns out that I don't like the movie, Amy understands so that's good too.

On Saturday the family and my best friends family are planning to go to Movie World- which will be great. And then on Sunday I'll probably stay at home and fuck around applying for jobs online etc.

So I'm basically just sitting here waiting for my mum to get her ass in gear and take me to Uni (she better hurry up in case it starts storming again), and reading Sam/Gabe fic because there is no new Jensen/Cougar fic at the moment and I need me some fic!pr0ns. (I'm actually just really waiting for Soul Piece, Rebel Rebel and Incubo to be updated- because I'm sort of addicted to Cloudy-Fic, Rosaline-Kells and Lily Zen right now, but who isn't , right?)

Uh, and I totally need to start putting my ficlets on LJ as well. Learn how to LJcut and everything. I'll figure it out fast enough, thanks god I'm not technologically inept. I write Dean/Cas and Pinto generally. I normally write in accompaniment to a photograph- inspiration and all that. I'll get around to it, promise.

And that's it from me right now.


Writer's Block: Almost like a song

How would you describe your ideal romantic partner in six words?

Tom foolery, honesty. Geekery, understands. Mine.
So there's these floods in Queensland right now, and I'm safe but it's still scary because I know people who've lost everything.

And I really don't want to talk about it because I've spoken about it so much over the past few days it's been happening and I need a break from it all.

I just thought you'd like to know is all.

So I gave up on posting profound things.

I went to bed at 5am this morning and woke up at 5pm and promptly freaked out.

I cannot believe that I slept that long and that nobody woke me up. Apparently they tried and failed but I dunno.

And I thought they would've woken me up because I was supposed to be going to the doctor's because I am still sick- but they decided to let me sleep for the same reason.

Whatever, it's over now.

So after having a little freak out, I made myself some fruit toast and a nutella sandwich and grabbed a can of coke from the fridge and came back to my room, put on Star Trek as background noise (because I've watched it that many times that I don't even have to look at it to be able to picture what's going on) and opened my laptop.

I am so awesome.

In more exciting news, I will be seeing Tangled on Sunday! Super stoked to see it too. Going with my three younger brothers, mother, cousin and aunt, and two best friends- Lee and Jen. Afterwards I and my friends are sleeping at my aunt's house and possibly having margarita's and a little party of our own.

The margarita's depend on if I'm sick or not.

Hopefully I'm better by then- and until I think of something else I can write about,

Emilie out.
Gosh I am incredibly slack in posting journals, aren't I?

I suppose it's because I'm hooked up to other sites and post everything note worthy on them- ever so sorry LJ isn't my main site.

So, in other news it's 7 days until Christmas. And I'm both worried and excited.
  • I haven't had enough money to buy friends presents- and they've gotten me something really great (that I believe is TOS)- and that makes me feel extremely bad.
  • I'm worried that people will get me things that I won't appreciate, and I hate that because I feel bad for not appreciating it as well as not getting something I wanted.
  • Also, I need money for AHBLIII (Supernatural Convention) tickets that I have to pay for in January.
I don't have a job and I'm pretty certain that no-one/not many people are giving me money for Christmas. Woe is me. I just wish this nervous/anxious/worried feeling would go away.

And nearly a month of my holidays have gone by and I feel like I haven't done many things that would be called productive.

I've written Pinto drabbles and drawn Supernatural related Christmas stuffs, and gone out with friends a few times, but I dunno- I feel silly for worrying about not coming out on the other side of Christmas holidays without something to show for it.

You're probably sick of my whining and etc, so I'll attempt to update here with happier things over the rest of my break.

See you on the flip side, Emilie.