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Bright enough to burn

Title: Bright enough to burn

Rating: PG. Yeah, I'm not even making it +13 because I'm a wanker and reckon that, if you're reading this, you'd know what Brad and Ray's relationship is like. Toddle off if you don't.

Pairing/Characters: Bravo boys.  Mention of Brad Colbert/Nate, Ray Person/Walt Hasser

Word Count: 342

Summary: Brad was probably about as impressed as Ray had guessed he’d be about the underwear. Hipster!Verse.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction based on HBO’s Generation Kill, and nothing but the words are mine. No money is being made off of these fabulous words, or else I’d be doing it full-time.

A/N: Sequel to Colourful, but it’s probably not necessary to read it if you don’t wish to.



Brad sees them at work one day as Ray’s bending down to put away the chalk and promptly verbalises his disgust. “What, your bad taste in clothes suddenly move on to underwear too? Christ, Ray, you’d think you’d use your garish colour quota for the week on that monstrous purple, green and vomit coloured sweater you wore on Monday.” Ray wiggles his ass up him.

“Walt likes them.”

“Well at least I know Walt has no sense of colour. I’ll make a note not to let him redecorate. Now make sure they are never within my view- direct or peripheral- again; I don’t think my eyes can handle a next time with that colour green.”

“Naw, you love them. And Walt isn’t colour-blind either; he likes them tight and visible; easier to find me that way.” Ray had smirked at Brad’s scoff. “What? LT never wears anything nice for you during your long, sweaty, endurance testing-”

“Ray, if you don’t want me to shove the next umbrella that comes through this door up your tight virginal ass, then I suggest you shut up.”

“-afternoons exercising at Rudy’s place. Jeez, Brad, who do you think I am? Also, my ass is so not virginal, I have a manly man at my beck and call thank you very much.”

Brad had opened his mouth to argue back that ‘Walt wouldn’t touch your skinny ass with a ten foot pole, you cock sucking hick’, but then a customer had come in and Ray had disappeared behind the counter and started taking their order in his ‘customer voice’. Ray being Ray had then turned back to look at him, winked and mouthed ‘you love me’ before attending to the influx of early morning regulars.

Till this day, Ray still insists that Brad had secretly loved and coveted his coloured underwear, but until the day that Brad owns up to it, Ray will have to try and make sure only Walt sees them- because he does not want Brad buying him new underwear again after last time.