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two small tag fics

tired and wired
babe after julian's death
words: 202

After Julian died Babe would sit around for hours on end just gripping his hair and being silent.

It was hard for the guys to watch, so they offered all the comfort they knew how.  

Luz and the boys tried to bake something that looked deformed and explosive.
Lip just sat next to him and whispered reassurances while Spiers kept a watchful eye.  Ray spoke for both of them while Walt let Babe snuggle into him and Nate sat observing and thinking about ways to console the inconsolable - Brad snarked at Ray, all the while thinking that maybe a sense of normalcy in their banter could bring Babe out of this stupor.  

Everyone tried something.
  But in the end they left it to Roe's capable hands. Every opportunity he had and every time the others gave up, Roe was there. Just sitting silently and nosing at the top of Babe's head as the boy drifted between nightmares of that night. 

Roe would pry his hands from his hair and look at him with grave comforting eyes and Babe would understand. He would understand that it was all real. That Julian was gone. And that everyone was there for him.  

Especially Roe.

words: 36

Stomach muscles jumping and anticipation curling at the obvious intentions of Steve's wayward finger.

'Steve..' Hoarse and strained and, 'Steve you can't just do that.'

  Gasp.   Shudder.  

'Okay, so you're not just doing that then.'


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Nov. 28th, 2011 06:22 am (UTC)

Oh goodness, haha. We'll see what happens, huh?

My friend's still waiting on a Tony/Steve first time fic, so I'll get that up here eventually for you, yes?